Our aim

To provide out door services free of cost to about 200 patients per day at medical center fully equipped with all possible facilities.
Provision of indoor services to poor patients free of cost, to patients suffering from asthma, hypertension, diabetes stroke and other patients
To arrange free medical camps to far flung areas
Provision of diagnostic services to the poor patients
Educate people about Mother and child care

Provision of antenatal and postnatal services to the poor patients of locality.

to tell the people importance of Family planning

Health education regarding,
-safe drinking water
-Importance of hand washing
-Prevention of communicable diseases
-Prevention of hepatitis B & C and awareness of these deadly diseases, which are infecting now most parts of third world countries
Hepatitis diagnosis and treatment plan
Provision of screening facilities of hepatitis B & C and treatment
Free vaccination of tetanus and hepatitis B


Services provided by Medical Care